Worlds Best Chocolate Mousse

  1. […] in any recipe. Lately, I’ve been finding ways to put avocados in EVERYTHING I eat. From my chocolate avocado mousse, avo on toast, avo and honey on rice cakes, guac in burrito bowls, as a dip with pineapple, I love […]

  2. YUM! This mousse looks delicious and WAY healthier than traditional egg-filled mousse. I’m excited to try it! Maybe even for breakfast… 🙂

    • Ellie,

      GirlllLLLLL I can promise you it’s DELICIOUS. I swear, I was soo not sold on avocado mousse until I made this. It’s so decadent and just tastes like pure chocolate goodness. If you make it let me know how you like it! Also, send some my way, I could neeeeeever deny chocolate at any time of the day :)


      • Hahaha thanks for making me laugh 😀
        I WILL attempt to send some pudding your way, but just warning you… it may get messy. And I may eat it all before I get around to packaging some up for you 😉